In December 2019, 5,500+ scientists and academics concerned by the dire state of European rivers, lakes and wetlands released a statement calling on the EU to fully implement and enforce the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) in order to halt and reverse the catastrophic decline in the world’s freshwater biodiversity.


The statement is endorsed by twelve scientific bodies representing over 5,000 scientists, and more than 500 individual scientists specialising in the wide array of species impacted by the WFD - from amphibians to insects, freshwater fishes to birdlife. The scientists include Dr. Jörg Freyhof, Regional Chair of the IUCN/WI Freshwater Fish Specialist Group, and Professor Carlos Garcia de Leaniz, Director of Swansea University’s Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research. 


The statement describes the WFD as a critical tool for ensuring that Europe has “healthy and resilient freshwater bodies to support people and nature, today and in the future”, stressing that "there cannot be an effective European Green Deal without healthy freshwater ecosystems at the heart of it".


Click here to view the statement, download the full list of signatories or to add your name to the statement.