Can you imagine a world without your favourite beer? Do you want to see the homes of entire species of fish, birds, mammals and insects protected? Don't you think that fish should be allowed to mate and reproduce...even if they're not particularly sexy?


All of these things completely rely on healthy freshwater ecosystems, such as rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands and groundwater.  But, all across the EU, these ecosystems are under attack – in fact, 60% of them are not healthy because they have been relentlessly polluted, dammed and dredged. And, of course, we are simply using far too much water.


If this continues, it will affect everyone and everything – from the production of your favourite beer, to the survival of our amazing freshwater wildlife.  




The European Commissi1on is now evaluating whether or not to change the law which protects our rivers, lakes and wetlands – and there is a real risk that it will be weakened! In fact, many EU Member States are pushing for this.


This law – known as the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) – is both strong and ambitious. It protects everything from our groundwater, rivers and lakes, to streams, coastal waters and wetlands. It also aims to ensure that waters which have already been damaged are brought back to life, and by 2027 at the absolute latest. 


But, as you read this, many governments are trying to weaken the law during the European Commission’s ongoing evaluation (known as a ‘fitness check’). This would be a terrible blow for our rivers, lakes and wetlands, and everything that depends on them, making them even more vulnerable to pollution and the construction of destructive infrastructure, for example, for grey flood defence, navigation and hydropower. 




Together, we can and MUST save the EU water law. The European Commission is now asking for our opinion in the form of a public consultation. This is the only chance citizens will have to stand up for our waters and the law that protects them – and we need YOU to make your voice heard! 


The public consultation asks several questions and we have prepared the response that will best ensure that this law, and the rivers, lakes and wetlands that depend on it, are protected. 


Don’t delay: tell the EU to keep our water law strong by filling in your details and clicking  ‘Act now’. You can also click here to read the EU’s questions and our recommended response, and an explanation of why these answers have been selected.