Freshwater ecosystems are the most threatened on the planet. In Europe alone, 60 percent of EU rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands are not healthy. 

Strong legislation is in place to defend these ecosystems – the backbone of which is the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). But this law is under attack from industry lobby groups and EU Member States, who are pushing for devastating changes to be made to the law.


The #ProtectWater campaign was launched in 2018 by WWF, the European Environmental Bureau, Wetlands International, the European Anglers Alliance and the European Rivers Network. We call for the WFD to remain in its current form, for it to be fully implemented by Member States, and enforced by the European Commission.


The campaign provides a platform for citizens and stakeholders alike add their voice - more than 375,000 citizens have already called on the European Commission to defend the WFD, making the EU’s public consultation on the legislation one of the largest ever in the history of the European Union.